A piece of home @Déryné, Budapest

Chic, sexy, cosmopolitan, yet utterly local – Déryné opened on the summer of 1914, far away from the tourist locations in a quiet neighbourhood on the Buda side of the Hungarian capital. The rich and famous have shared the space with the local crowds over coffee, drinks and food ever since. In my twenties it was the place for the hottest parties and dinners, but I was never cool enough to be a part of its wizardry. It was a place my bosses spent their weekends and I was always wondering if I’d ever make it that far in life. Déryné was a social status.

Today I’m still not part of the Budapest elite, but I think of myself as an insider. Déryné is not social status anymore, it’s a piece of home. It’s the epicentre of culture conversations. Whenever I visit Hungary, I come here for the delicious yet unconventional food, for the freshly brewed coffee, for the amazingly friendly service and of course for the live music. Déryné is culture, society, art and culinary pleasures all blent into one.