Doing this “alone thing” really well @Oak W2, Nottinghill

Post-pandemic nights spent with old friends from around the globe, celebrating unrivalled Italian flavours in their elegant simplicity is my favourite trick to feel alive. We all choose our own methods to make sense of the world, so I decided to start acting as if I only lived once. I see the magic in the utter chaos through unexpected fusions of flavours chaperoned by life-changing conversations about time, space, love and threesomes*. Oak‘s understated modern elegance provided the perfect backdrop for a long liberating chat about how we should just enjoy life in every way possible.

So, when no one was watching, my famous scorpio gaze pierced through the gloom of the candle-lit room – and even with the pretty brunette on his lap he was enchanted by it. Yes, I’ve still got it.

I stopped looking for a home inside people a long time ago so I could construct a solid one inside myself and with that the world became a lot kinder place. I do often get recognition for “doing this “alone” thing really well”… Well, when in London, you can be alone, but you’re never lonely.

*nope, never done one, but people seem to enjoy sharing their own experience