Corona Diaries, Week 323127…

Is it week 8? Week 9?

How come has April lasted 5 minutes, but I feel like I’ve been in isolation for about 5 years and yet most of quarantine happened in April? Is time going slow or fast now? And how is it the 5th May today? Do we still clap on Thursdays? Is COVID-19 still out there creeping into people’s lives?

I accidentally found a Cafe open in Camden Passage, Angel, and queued 10 minutes just to have that take-away coffee experience again. And it was so good.

Is this the new norm now? Keeping distance, no socializing, queuing for everything? When the lockdown started I had thought there would be an end to it and life would eventually go back to what we knew was normal. It was this past couple of days when I realized there was no going back to that again. No more taking anything for granted. Life has changed and I assume will change even more. Living without planning what comes next is extremely demotivating.

What’s motivating you these days?

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