Corona Diaries, Week 4: it’s been too long

This post is to say hi to the outside World and to remind my future self of how it was to live in lockdown. In the future we’ll all refer to this period as the famous COVID-19 lockdown when we learnt how to reset ourself and find what’s really important in life.

It’s week 4 now, which means I’ve been locked in for 5 whole weeks (was working from home the week before the official announcement). It’s been 35 days and honestly I can’t see the end of it. Apparently we’re still weeks away from the peak with almost 1000 people dead a day. The US death tool rose by 2000 people yesterday. Terrible times.

London feels like a movie scene for a cheap zombie apocalypse movie. Some people show up for grocery shopping looking like they’ve just arrived from Chernobyl. Some others walk down the pavement with their arms wide open to the side. Not quite sure these people get what the 2 meters distance should look like.

My favourite corner pub that plays live jazz on Saturdays is now closed, but delivers fresh ingredients from their own suppliers on Deliveroo 😍

It’s Easter weekend. A year ago today I showed my extended family my newly bought East-London apartment for the first time, after having a kick-ass breakfast in the Breakfast Club in Camden Passage in Angel, Islington. A year ago when going out for breakfast was a thing. That weekend I then headed up to Tring to spend the rest of the Easter long weekend in Champney’s. Back then I couldn’t imagine what it may be like to live through a global epidemic.

I still work from Monday to Friday, then manage to entertain myself with random ideas. I’m healthy and hopeful, but I really want the end of this now.

Until then stay home and stay safe.

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