Corona Diaries, Week 3: At least 2 meters apart

London is now ghost town-like with only the bravest left in the streets. Almost empty roads, totally empty double deckers. A city that was once vibrant and energetic is now filled with fear: fear of the unknown and invisible. I am keeping positive and upbeat, though. I’m trying my best to make the most out of this time, stay healthy and active. I want to leave the quarantine thinking I learnt new things and was good to my mind and body.

I also know how lucky I am. I have a lovely apartment which is warm and comfortable, I have a job, I can work from home, I have food in my fridge and loving people with me and on the other end of Facetime. I appreciate this more than ever before. Everything that felt just normal 3 weeks ago now makes me feel lucky for what I have. And also makes me think of others in very different ways. Working parents, people in abusive relationships and with mental illness or anxiety, NHS staff or anyone who lost someone to this invisible beast, just to name a few, I’m sending you all my love and support.

Especially the amazing NHS staff, I wish I can do more for you bar applauding on the balcony and cheer you on. We will all take our share in this – all I and we can do for you after this whole craziness is over is bringing the economy back to where it belongs. That’s what I know and am trained for. Until then I stay home and keep applauding for you.

Lots of things changed in the past week. Every time I went grocery shopping, the restrictions were stricter and stricter. When choosing to go to Waitrose, I now have to go on my own. Tesco have long queues outside and only allow 5-10 people in at the same time. Marks and Spencer’s in Angel is the same, queuing outside making sure we are at least 2 meters apart from each other. Yesterday a man called me a “f*** joke”, because I wasn’t 2 meters apart from him for 1/3 of a second. People, be kind.

Hopefully this whole craziness will end soon and hopefully with the best outcome that could possibly be. Until then stay safe, healthy and kind.

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