Stress relief yoga

It’s been a stressful couple of days for lots of different reasons. A new virus is turning our lives upside-down, we don’t socialise, don’t travel, don’t do things we’re used to doing. I cancelled a holiday I’ve been waiting for so much which was an extremely difficult decision. But hey, we are here now, here at home, 24/7. I sit a lot more, don’t move as much as I ususally do so my body is well confused and crying for more.

And for these reasons I chose Boho Beautiful’s Stress Relief Yoga tonight. I absolutely love these 2, the things they stand for and believe in. Juliana is gorgeous; her practices are both calming and challenging, yet extremely motivating. After this 20 minute flow I felt like a new person.

The Boho Beautiful Stress Relief Yoga flow:

  • from seated position to child’s pose – stretch your arms nicely, relax
  • from child’s pose reach to the left side of the mat to stretch your right side
  • from here go the other side
  • back to center, then table-top, get ready for cat-cow
  • cat-cow for 3-4 times… don’t forget to breath. Cat inhale, cow exhale
  • from a regular tabletop, stretch your arms out to the front of mat to stretch your back with a puppy posture – 30 sec
  • thread the needle: right arm up, then goes down under the body
  • thread the needle left arm up
  • come back to table top, then gently move onto your first downward-facing dog
  • walk the dog
  • first vinyasa flow twice: come down to plank, knees down, chataranga, then upward-facing dog – come back to downdog
  • right leg up, then to the front of the mat, in between your hands
  • low lunge
  • knees down, low lunge
  • half split to the front leg – 30 sec
  • back to downdog, left leg up, then to the front, in between your hands
  • same flow for the other side
  • back to downdog, then vinyasa flow once again
  • down to seated position with straight legs
  • forward fold – 30 sec
  • move to the front of the mat, butterfly
  • lay down, hug the knees in
  • happy baby
  • hug the knees again
  • savasana

Let’s get on the mat and forget about the World.

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