Strong women still shock men in 2019

Oh hello. Life has been extremely busy recently with all sort of extremes. Busy workdays, hot summer days, long haul flights, yoga classes and ice-cold drinks on rooftop bars. And to be very honest, life has been absolutely awesome.

I thought it was too soon for a new love and I was probably right. It was both too soon and too late, besides it all felt like a compromise. I guess what I learnt during my recent years is the one thing you could not compromise on was happiness. So there we are again. Tanned, happy and more loved up than ever.

As every year I was blessed enough to kick off the summer craze in beloved Barcelona then took on a new adventure in Dubai’s 47 degrees. I’m literally chasing the Sun this summer whilst trying to consume how people and places influence me.

I was at the check-in counter by the gate at Dubai airport when the captain of my flight arrived. The check-in guy was busy comparing my passport photo to my jet lagged face whilst he loudly greeted the approaching Captain. His “Hello Captain” was quickly followed by an “Oh, a Lady” statement which made me turn around as well. The Captain, indeed, was a lady, tall and confident with the best kind of British accent. In this Hidden Figures moment I felt a little weird but incredibly proud at the same time. In the Middle East part of the World it still shocks men when a woman does a job that is perceived something only man can do.

I find these women extremely awesome.

Go ladies, go.

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