A Femme Fatale in Axel Arigato

In the beginning of this year my annual horoscope did warn me about people quitting my life just as fast as they entered it and although I would prefer some of the more special ones to stay a bit longer, I like keeping things from being too predictable.

This year has already brought an interesting mix of stability and surprises to my days; with Jupiter hanging around in my second house of security I can see the magic in the chaos more clearly than ever before. My partnerships are now most definitely shaken, not stirred; just like how both me and James like our drinks. My life is turning into a big heart to heart conversation on a Wednesday afternoon adjusting to widely different people and the Eastern Daylight Timezone.

I’m trying to keep my expectations in my back pocket, just in case I needed to justify certain situations. People have started to intrigue me more and more, making me want to live forever, even on a rainy Sunday afternoon. There is certainly magic in the unexpected, but whilst I’m trying my best not to fall in love too deep, I should just concentrate on what’s important in life. I can easily live on olive bread with salted British butter, good music, burning sunshine and would never say no to an ice-cold Gin Tonic with lime and strawberries.

Can I be Femme Fatale if I only wear sneakers?

I had deep conversations with a charming new-comer who’s currently winning The Best New Addition category by miles – and without making any significant effort. Apparently Femme Fatale doesn’t wear Axel Arigato. Well, let’s see, shall we.

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