But who said love always had to be fatal?

One, two, three… Go. So many emotions and still no feelings whatsoever. Ran into a stone cold clone on one end; an ex with his next ex on the other and a cutie, the cutest, in another continent. Not quite sure what the Universe is trying to teach me?

Oh hey you, I was the love of your life, remember me? 3 years in, 4 months out, please can you tell me more about Rebounders because the New York Knicks game wasn’t satisfying enough last week? I guess it’s all done anyway, you’ve got that long awaited freedom and I’ve got my old, so much loved freedom back.

My little Swiss precision has gone painfully annoying, but who said love always had to be fatal? It’s funny how you look into the mirror and see all your past selves, the ones in love, the ones in hope and the one and only who never gave a fuck. Then all of a sudden this random man shows up and embodies all the mistakes you made in the past 10 years. You laugh. Then cry. Then let it all go because there is absolutely nothing else to hold onto.

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