The unexpected that changes your life

In the past 4 months my middle finger technically became my bestest of friends after I had to spend an entire Christmas and NY on my own. Getting back to what I do best was well overdue so I quickly bought a charming East-London nest, cheated on clothes with lots of furniture, travelled to New York, started planning my third tattoo, had long days followed by even longer nights, sang in dive bars in Soho and danced in disused warehouses in Shoreditch.

Last Friday night @ Angel, Islington

Well and truly trying to live for the Now without expectations, instead of waiting for all the Tomorrows and expect them to happen the way I’d planned them to. Ticking all the boxes in life has been an incredible journey, but there is still so much history to be made. I don’t know what life is all about or where it is leading to, but chasing happiness, lust and sunshine is still a major part of the good old London-lifestyle.

Whatever happiness means. For some it is a ring, a baby, a five bedroom house. For others it is money or power.

For me happiness is to never loose my appetite for more. To see more, to experience more, to kiss, to love and to be loved, to find someone to travel the World with. It is the adrenaline, the excitement of the chase – the unexpected that changes your life.

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