Back to Square One

Strawberry, ice, a bit of black pepper for that cheeky bitter kick on the back of your throat. It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon in the best city in the World and I’m hungry again. I’ve been hungry the whole day and I really don’t know what to do with myself anymore. I had little pieces of goat cheese, British tea, toast, prosciutto, gorgeous raspberry, even a piece of Don Draper. That’s Mad, Man. Purely hopeless so I decided to fix a quick G&T. If you insist, yes: I was hungry so I made a Gin Tonic.

I landed at Heathrow very early on Monday morning, coming back from New York, upbeat but jet-lagged, inspired but extremely tired. Headed to the office right away and managed to get lost only once which I should be awarded for. Having survived a busy week overfilled with excel files, cheese and Sancerre in Covent Garden, I’m so grateful that I made it okay to Sunday.

My mind tries to play the good old tricks on me, but I’m sure I can play a lot better than I used to. A powerful man was thrown in my way who embodies my past mistakes all in one, where my hopes went missing and never returned. I’m back to square one being smarter, funnier and more confident than ever before. I have my wit to hide behind, what do you have?

I guess, being hungry is a mindset. I’ve got an unlimited amount of curiosity boiling in me, hungry for the new, the unknown, the unexpected. I’ve got hot crispy chicken for dinner – what are you cooking?

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