Single for the holidays

A separation is never easy, but breaking up right before the festive season can be extremely cruel. Whilst ALL the couples you are facebook-friends with are posting those so much in love with each other in our chunky knit jumpers pictures (not even mentioning the baby with Christmas tree ones) you go home alone, watch tv alone, buy your Christmas tree alone. Well, all I can advise: make sure you make the most out of it. 

Yes, breaking up can be really REALLY hard, but deep down you do know that the pain will eventually fade away. You’ve been there before and everything worked out just fine. You don’t want to think back in a couple of months time and regret that you wasted an entire Christmas being sad. And I’m not being heartless, I’ve been there before. I vividly remember crying on the floor a couple of years ago; couldn’t get up, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t go to work for days. My mind kept playing tricks on me as I drove myself crazy by letting my sadness overrule me for months. You have to go through what you have to go through but slowly allow yourself to let go. 

Being single for the holidays can suck – or can be the best thing that happened to you. The choice is yours, so choose wisely. In case you decide to turn your pain into a superpower, you may want to run through this list. Whatever happens, be gentle to yourself and enjoy eating as much as you can. Merry Christmas! 

Book a single trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go

Travelling is the best medicine for a broken heart as it fills up your mind with so much excitement: the fear of the unknown is the ultimate adrenaline for many and the one that keeps you addicted to travelling. You’ll meet the most interesting people on the road – the kinds you’d never come across with but waiting for your shuttle bus in the middle of nowhere in Sri Lanka or going through a mango boarder control in The Philippines. Taking a solo trip is well outside of most people’s comfort zone but making the first step will be the best decision you’ve ever made. 

The Flashpack is right up your street if you really want to lift up your middle finger and move on. From Northern India to Peru you have the whole World on your doorstep waiting for you to explore it. You can travel with like-minded solo travellers and have a mind-blowing new experience wherever you choose to go. This is not a match-making single travel adventure though so don’t worry. Flaspack is a platform to prove that travelling solo doesn’t mean travelling alone. Please leave a comment if you’ve been or planning to go on a solo trip. I will share mine soon.

Cook your way through the festive season

Eating is a significant part of Christmas – and life. Making the most out of the season when you can eat as much as you want to without making too many excuses is awesome. It’s the season of Pigs in blankets sandwich in Eat and Turkey Wraps in Marks&Spencers, you don’t need much more than that, surely. For the culinary adventure seekers making magic in the kitchen is essential, but what about those who don’t know their way around in the kitchen? Well, this is the perfect time to get moving, babe. Get on Pinterest to search for food videos or Tasty will get you sorted. Head for their Christmas recipe selection for all sort of craziness from Hot chocolate on a stick 4 ways to delicious Strawberry Santas. Careful, Tasty food videos are seriously addictive. 

Get gorgeous

A break-up is a perfect opportunity to get yourself sorted, put yourself and your dreams first before anyone else’s. Loving and respecting yourself will give you positive vibes and eventually you will attract the right people into your life. Spending time with yourself is awesome. Go out for breakfast or dinner with a magazine or your iPad or enjoy a quiet afternoon with a book in a small cafe. Don’t forget to smile either. Remember when in Sex and the city doing things on your own was perceived awkward? So silly! I absolutely love doing things on my own and making plans to take over the World.

You can grab a fun book and practise being gorgeous too. Get Gorgeous by Christel Vatasso will guide you through the essentials of womanhood by asking you to execute different beauty challenges from sorting your wardrobe to taking care of your well-being. One at a time for 21 days. Share your experience, hashtag and enjoy being you. 

Well, whatever you decide to do to cheer yourself up don’t forget to put yourself first. Being single sucks if you think it does. When it hurts a lot inside it is difficult to accept that it will eventually get better – but it always does. My biggest heart-breaks and disappointments lead me to the most beautiful adventures and amazing new places. If you don’t believe me, believe the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe: 

People change so you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they’re right. You believe lies so that you will eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together 

Marilyn Monroe

 Enjoy x


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