Create Hygge at home with these awesome products from Etsy

I can literally spend my life on pinterest imagining a picture-perfect life, house, yoga studio, even a breakfast table. Hand in hand with my obsession with pinning, I just love home decor.
I ran into the whole hygge idea a while ago brunching in Snaps + Rye, a Danish eatery in Chelsea. I obviously bought a book about it right away then forced Mark to buy me a Hygge candle for £50. Well played.

I bet we all love IKEA very much, however, as I recently discovered there is a great life beyond the Swedish giant. With websites like Etsy it’s never been so easy to access hand-made, unique pieces to make your living-room look like my favourite pinterest board. Besides, everyone needs a bit of hygge, cosiness and a “form of everyday togetherness“.
This post is dedicated to my dear Le-Yen, because she didn’t know what hygge was.

Chunky blanket

from Chunky Wool Studio
Autumn is unquestionably here so I find myself turning up the heating more and more often and driving my cold blooded Northerner crazy with creating a sauna in the living room. How practical it is to have a warm, cosy blanket instead. This one is everything that is hygge: made for the long cold winter nights with quality merino wool so the hotness is 100% guaranteed. Retails for €63, ships within 3-5 days, hand-made in Lithuania.

Soy Candle

from BaumDesigns
I love candles and when it comes to hygge it is a must-have. Let the scent of your choice, Amber Noir, Toasted Pumpkin or Apple Harvest fill your home and burn for hours to create the most relaxed atmosphere. The jar is ideal for putting on display with the beautiful apothecary base, brushed metal copper lid and a craft label that, well, says it all. It burns for about 100 hours and the jar could be reusable once the candle is finished. Retails for €20 plus shipping cost, made in USA (1-3 days delivery).
You can choose from many taglines or can even create your own. If you’re thinking this is hygge with a twist, you’re right.

Geometric Planters

from uniicon
I have this really weird obsession with plants and concrete planters since I watched a youtube video about how they’ve made. I don’t buy many plants though as struggling to keep them alive. However, if I had lots of plants, these planters would definitely be my first choice due to the attention to detail that has gone into the design. Made from high-strength concrete with reinforced fibres, sealed and ready for planting. Comes with furniture protection pads which is great to protect delicate surfaces. They cost €35.95 plus shipping cost.

Wool socks

from My Charming Wool
I lost count in how many times people told me to wear proper socks during the colder months. Having lived in sneakers in the past 6 years I politely ignored them all so my body has somehow adapted to my life choices and not being cold in sneakers and tiny, hidden socks anymore. However as soon as I get home I’m in need for something warm on my feet so I’m a big fan of chunky wool or plush socks I can wear at home. These cable-knit socks are hand-knitted and made by extra fine merino wool that is soft and not itchy, perfect for sensitive skin.It is made to order in 3-14 days. They costs €25 plus shipping.

Now light up a candle, get a blanket on, put on your favourite episode of Friends and enjoy the moment.

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